The Abkhazian State Choir is 45!

The “International Fund Apsny” congratulates Abkhazian State Choir with the 45th anniversary.
For 45 years, the Abkhaz State Choir has evolved steadily creative growth, backed by a series of achievements, vast experience, strong traditions, and of course, the talent of its artists, has received international recognition.
At various times, the famous team was headed by Razhden Gumba, Alex Chichba, Vadim Sudakov, Vyacheslav Aiba, Nodar Chanba. For the last 20 years, the Choir is successfully managed by a talented conductor, The People's Artist of Abkhazia Mrs. Nora Jinjolia who for all these years, gave her to the service of art. Indeed she earned love and respect from both the audience and the artists of the Choir. In the spiritual life of the country, the Abkhazian State Choir plays a special role and we want to wish the team in its birthday new creative achievements and deserved recognition.

Yours faithfully,
Sener Gogua.

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