"Aguabziara"(Health) - Health Development Project.

12/05 2016 to 11/06 2021

"Aguabziara"(Health) – The permanent Fund's project aimed at resolving of the issues related to public and children's health. Within the framework of the current project the assistance was rendered to the Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. Our Fund provides financial assistance to other charity organizations for medical treatment of children abroad. The purposeful work focused on the study of problems of cerebral palsy in Abkhazia is being conducted. In the future, the International Fund “Apsny" plans to provide support to local medical institutions in the field of development of international contacts and exchange of experience.

Project's statistics

44 . Assistance was provided to 3 more rehabilitation centers of Abkhazia 28 . Wheelchairs for those who need
43 . Another humanitarian action 27 . Assistance to rehabilitation centers in Abkhazia
42 . Assistance was provided to Gudauta Rehabilitation Center “Asarkyal” 26 . Armenian orthopedist has performed three operations in Abkhazia
41 . Assistance was rendered to the Republican Rehabilitation Center 25 . Armenian doctor examines children in Abkhazia
40 . New Year event in Gidauta 24 . Children with cerebral palsy sent for treatment in Armenia
39 . New Year’s presents for kids from Ochamchira 23 . The "International Fund Apsny" and "Biopharma" llc. from Rostov provided humanitarian assistance to the Republican Rehabilitation Center
38 . Holiday for children from the Sukhumi rehabilitation center 22 . Assistance rendered to rehabilitation centers
37 . New Year’s holiday in Gal town 21 . Assistance to the Republican Rehabilitation Center
36 . New Year's Eve at the Center for the Development of Children in Tkuarchal 20 . "Aguabziara" (health) project continues in Ochamchira
35 . A meeting of the group on cerebral palsy was held 19 . Armenian doctors check Abkhazian children
34 . Traumatologist from Abkhazia on internship in Armenia 18 . The "International Fund Apsny" transferred 100 thousand rubbles to the Tkuarchal Rehabilitation Center
33 . Orthopedist from Armenia conducts operations in Abkhazia 17 . The "International Fund Apsny" transferred 100 000 rubles for the treatment of Yalsa Alhorba
32 . An orthopedist from Yerevan will conduct operations in Abkhazia. 16 . Children feel better after the operations in the Yerevan clinic.
31 . Renovation completed in the new office of the Children's Rehabilitation Center “Asarkial” 15 . Children with cerebral palsy were sent for treatment to Armenia
30 . Assistance to the Republican Children's Hospital 14 . Gal Rehabilitation Center has received financial assistance
29 . Gift to the Republican Children's Hospital 13 . “Aguabziara” (Health) project continues its work in Ochamchira
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