The "International Fund Apsny" congratulates all the children of Abkhazia on the holiday and wishes a peaceful sky over their heads, happy childhood and health.

Over the years of our activity, we celebrated this day together with the children's centers of Abkhazia. Our wards from children's rehabilitation centers also gave us happy smiles.

The "International Fund Apsny" will definitely continue its work aimed at supporting children. And on this day, we once again wish as many happy children's smiles as possible.

On May 21, we recall all the victims of the Caucasian War, which brought irreparable losses to our people, when in the year of 1864 many of our compatriots had to leave their native lands and go into exile to Turkey and other countries.

Today we are all together, trying to rebuild the bridges of friendship and restore the family ties with the descendants of those who had to leave their homeland forever.

Public Organization the International Fund “Apsny" congratulates you with the Day of the Great Victory over fascism. We express our deep gratitude to our veterans who tirelessly dedicated their lives to protect us. They are true heroes and because of their sacrifice, we are able to enjoy many freedoms that most of us take for granted. You will stay in our hearts forever!

On this day, 29 years ago, December 14 1992, Georgian troops treacherously shot down a civilian Mi-8 helicopter, which was saving people from blockade Tkuarchal. There were 85 people, including 38 children on board. All of them died…

This delinquency still didn’t receive an adequate assessment of the international community. We mourn and remember the names of those who remained forever in this day - December 14, 1992.

Today is the 28th anniversary of the liberation of Abkhazia. In the history of our country and the entire nation of Abkhazia this day will remain the Victory Day.

We are grateful to all those who gave us freedom and mourn for those who did not live to see the bright day of Victory.

On behalf of the whole staff of the "International Fund of Apsny" we congratulate all people of Abkhazia and wish peace, prosperity and stability for our beautiful country.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the President of the "International Fund Aspny" Mr. Soner Gogua. Unfortunately, due to a long illness, we cannot congratulate him personally, but we wish him a speedy recovery and return to active work for the benefit of all residents of Abkhazia in need of help.

For 50 years, Soner has managed to do a lot. In each of the positions and areas of activity he held, he achieved success. We know that his strong character and love for life will help him return to full-time work and our foundation will open its doors again.

The “International Fund Apsny” congratulates you with the Day of the National Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia. The National symbols are the mean of pride for every citizen. The adoption of the state emblem and the flag became one of the most important steps in the course of the national liberation movement of Abkhaz people. The Chairman of the Supreme Council, the First President of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba, gave extreme importance to the adoption of the national symbols.

Dear Muslims!
Kurban Bayram - the great Muslim holiday, marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca. Let the holiday Eid al-Adha help to strengthen the well-being and peace in our land!
We wish you to be always merciful and glorify God in prayers. We wish everyone good health and happiness and spiritual strength to overcome all problems without trial.

Vice President of the “International Fund Apsny”
Maxim Gundjia

Maxim Gvindzhia was appointed as Assistant to the President of the Republic of Abkhazia for international affairs by the order of the President of Abkhazia Mr. Aslan Bzhania . Maxim Gvindzhia is the Vice President of the International Fund Apsny. We congratulate our colleague and wish him success in his new, highly responsible job.

The “International Fund of Apsny” congratulates all believers on the day of Simon The Zealot - one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ who brought Christianity to Abkhazia and redeemed our sins by his sacrifice, revealed to us love for God and faith in good.

Our foundation is going through difficult times. We decided to seek help from various companies abroad.

One of the first to respond was the Spanish company The Black Star Petroleum, which provided financial support to our Fund. Thanks to such support we can do even more.

We would like to thank Mr. Ignacio Purcell Mena personally for such assistance and look forward to returning to our ongoing projects in the future.

Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead , described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD.  It is the culmination of the Passion of Christ, preceded by Lent (or Great Lent), a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance.

Easter Sunday is one of the most festive events among Christians worldwide. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, as written in the Christian bible.

15-16 of March there was an attempt of liberation of the capital of the Republic of Abkhazia Sukhum on Gumista front from Georgian invaders. The Armed forces of Abkhazia crossed the Gumista Lake and occupied the strategic positions on the outskirts of Sukhum.

However, the attack failed and was unsuccessful. The war veterans remember this attack as a turning point in the war, which will remain forever in our memory as “March attack”. During the failed attempt of liberation of capital of our homeland 222 soldiers of the Abkhaz Army were killed, 23 were missing.

That day, 26 years ago, the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia was adopted-the main law of the country, determining its status and further development.

“ We, the people of Abkhazia, exercising our own right for self-determination, seeking to promote the general welfare, internal tranquility, claiming human rights and freedoms, civil peace and accord, solemnly proclaim and establish the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia "- said in the text of the Constitution of the Republic of Abkhazia.

On behalf of all the staff of the International Fund Apsny, let me congratulate you on the second anniversary of your center.

In such a short period of time, you were able to assemble a professional and sensitive team that gives warmth and hope to children with disabilities.

To say that much has been done is to say nothing. From the ruins, you have created a cozy home in which children can develop and learn new things.

The "International Fund Apsny" expresses condolences to the family and close ones with the death of Taras Shamba, an outstanding Abkhaz and Russian public and political figure, Doctor of Law, Vice-Rector of the Russian State Trade and Economic University, co-chairman of the Russian Congress of the Peoples of the Caucasus, Honorary President of the World Abkhaz Abaza Congress.

The "International Fund Apsny" provided assistance to the "Association of Parents of Disabled Children" in the purchase of wheelchairs. This assistance was made possible thanks to a financial donation of 95,000 rubles by a person who chose to remain unknown.

Our foundation assisted in finding wheelchairs at a lower price and delivering them to Abkhazia.

Thus, 4 more children were able to move independently.

Dear fellow citizens!
On behalf of the "International Fund of Apsny" please accept our warmest congratulations on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the liberation of our capital, Sukhum. On the September 27th 1993, the city of Sukhum was liberated from the Georgian invaders.
Eternal memory to all brothers and sisters who perished for our city and glory to those who brought us victory. Let peace and prosperity always reign and our flag of freedom stays above our country!
Happy holiday to you all!

Embedded thumbnail for August 26th – Day of recognition of independence of Abkhazia.

August 26th 2008 has become a benchmark for the new history of Abkhazia. At this day, the people of Abkhazia received the so long aspired independence.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the President of the Russian Federation Mr. Dmitri Medvedev declared the decision of Russia to recognize independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

The years and centennials will pass, but the memory of those who passed, giving their lives for the freedom and independence of Abkhazia will stay in its history forever. Today is the memory Day for those who we lost, and who was with us in this war. Anyone who did not live to see the victory shall stay with eternal glory! Glory to the heroes!

Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.
Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.
Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.
Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.
Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.
Embedded thumbnail for August 14 sad day in the history of Abkhazia.

August  14th 1992, when troops of the State Council of Georgia, without a declaration of war invaded Abkhazia, peoples of North Caucasus, Russia, representatives of the Abkhaz diaspora from abroad stood up in defense of small  Abkhazia.  The war against Georgian occupants lasted 413 days and nights. On the September 30th  1993 Abkhazia was liberated.

All those who fought for freedom and independence of our country, will remain forever in the memory of the people.

Today, the “International Fund Apsny” provided assistance to 57 families from the villages of Baslakhu, Lashkindar, Tamysh, Kochara, Achigvara and Ochamchyra. The head of the Ochamchyra Youth House, Selma Zantaria, applied to our foundation for assistance to low-income families. Immediately, the partners of our foundation, the company Biofarma from Rostov, responded to this request and according to the application received, they handed over the necessary medicines to these families, as well as a wheelchair for Luka Pachulia with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy from the village of Achigvara.

The first project of the International Fund Apsny, "Ani Amalyki", celebrated its 5th anniversary in July. This project is aimed at supporting a young mother in caring for her baby, namely, each family in which such a happy event as the birth of a child has happened, receives a gift set from the foundation with special means for caring for the baby.

Gostiev Lavan became the four thousandth child of Ani Amaalyki's project. He and his mom visited our office. We wish them good health, happiness and prosperity.

In just 5 years, 4,000 “mother packages” have been distributed.

Today, the "International Fund Apsny" visited the large family of Ramaz Zingishvili and Gunda Papaskiri from the village of Tkhina, who had applied to the foundation asking for any feasible help, since the family lives in very difficult conditions. In total, Ramaz and Gunda have seven children, the older ones help with housekeeping, since it is impossible to find any work in a remote village.

Seeing such hard conditions in which a large family lives, it was decided to, first of all, eliminate the problem of lack of drinking water in the house.

NGO the “International Fund Apsny” in the person of Vice President Maxim Gvindjia and Charity Fund “Good Deeds” in the person of Director Enrik Kortava signed a Cooperation Agreement. In accordance with this Agreement, organizations will provide comprehensive mutual assistance to each other, as well as conduct joint charity events and actions.

The "International Fund of Apsny" congratulates all citizens of the Russian Federation with the Russian Day.

  On this festive day we wish solidarity and unity, peace and prosperity to the multinational and multi-confessional people of the Russian Federation.

The great history of Russia and peoples living in Russia connects it with other countries and people, where they also preserve a common history and strive for the development of fraternal relations.

Dear children!

On behalf of the "International Fund for Apsny" I cordially congratulate you on the International Child protection Day! You are the future of Abkhazia, our happy "tomorrow". I sincerely wish you health, happiness and big success. Strive for knowledge, study well for the benefit of your country in order to become a worth-while citizen and pride of your people.

In turn, our Fund will make every effort to ensure your childhood to be colorful and bright. That is our main goal - to support, help and give the right direction to our younger generation.

On May 21, we recall all the victims of the Caucasian War, which brought irreparable losses to our people, when in the year of 1864 many of our compatriots had to leave their native lands and go into exile to Turkey and other countries.

Today we are all together, trying to rebuild the bridges of friendship and restore the family ties with the descendants of those who had to leave their homeland forever.

On the eve of the Victory Day in World War II, the President of the “International Fund Apsny” Soner Gogua visited the “Republican Council of World War II Veterans” and conveyed congratulations to veterans, and there are 44 of them in Abkhazia. For each veteran, the fund presented gifts in the form of a food kit and household chemicals.

Today, The "International Fund Apsny " provided assistance to 18 vulnerable families from the village of Tamysh. Assistance in the form of 18 sets of medicines, food and household chemicals was handed over to the head of "Ochamchyra Youth House" Mrs. Selma Zantaria, who will then hand it over to those in need. This action is a continuation of our activities to support poor families and is organized with the support of our partners, the company "Biofarma" from Rostov-on-Don.

Today, the “International Fund Apsny” held another campaign to support poor families in the form of medicines. The aid was transferred to the Gudauta, Sukhumi, and Tkuarchal rehabilitation centers, which will then pass it on to their wards - especially needy families.

This assistance was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of our foundation and the “Biopharma” company from Rostov city.

Today, as part of a humanitarian action to support the families of returnees, on the great holiday of Ramadan, our foundation provided support in the form of food and household chemicals to 16 families of returnees from Jordan.

The repatriate Amir Gechba helped us in the implementation of this action.

The “International Fund Apsny” expresses its condolences to the family and friends, as well as to everyone who was familiar with the great public figure Musa Shanibov.

Today, our foundation has provided assistance to the “Unified Clerical Administration of the Muslims of Abkhazia”.

The Chairman of the Muslim Board of Abkhazia, Timur Dzyba, thanked our foundation for the support. Help in the form of food will be distributed to 40 families, which is about 150 people.

This action is timed to the holy holiday of all Muslims - Ramadan.

Today, the “International Fund Apsny” held another campaign to support poor families in the form of medicines.
The assistance was transferred to the Ochamchyra and Gal rehabilitation centers, which will then pass it on to their wards - especially needy families.
This assistance was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of our foundation and the Biopharma company from Rostov, Russia.

Today, within the framework of the “Aguabziara” project, the “International Fund Apsny”, together with partners, the Biopharma company from Rostov city, provided humanitarian assistance to the Gudauta Rehabilitation Center “Asarkyal”.

Rehabilitation Center “Asarkyal” received as a gift a list of more than 20 items, in particular: wheelchairs, a trainer, special bars for walking training, orthoses, a light sandbox, wooden constructors, devices for the development of children with cerebral palsy, household chemicals and office supplies and much more.


Today the “International Fund Apsny” has helped 18 low-income families from the village of Jgerda. The head of the “Ochamchyra Youth House” Selma Zantaria contacted the fund with a request to support these families with food, medicines and household chemicals. The partners of our foundation from the city of Rostov-on-Don, the “Biofarma” company also responded to the request and immediately sent the necessary medicines to Abkhazia. We thank all participants in providing assistance and support to families in dire need of this.

Support in the form of food and household chemicals was provided to some low-income residents of the Gulrypsh region. Such charity event was initiated by the local volunteer team - “Kind Heart”. The guys turned to the “International Fund Apsny” and today help was rendered to its recipients.

Only by joint efforts is it possible to overcome any difficulties.

Due to the difficult situation caused with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection, the NGO “International Fund Apsny” has conducted a charity event.

35 families, wards of the “Association of parents of children with disabilities of Abkhazia” received a set of food products, which included such necessary products as flour, sugar, pasta, vegetables, various cereals, as well as household chemicals.

In such difficult moments, families with special children are among the most vulnerable.

The main sponsors of the “International Fund Apsny”, the “AbkhazMorProm” company represented by Mr. Logua Temur and the “Black Sea Fish” company represented by Mr. Gogua Soner, provided financial assistance in the amount of two million rubles to the public movement “We Are Together”.

In an effort to help to create effective conditions for protecting the population of the Republic of Abkhazia from the coronavirus infection COVID-19, representatives of the public and business circles of Abkhazia are supporting "We Are Together."

Soner Gogua, President of the “International Fund Apsny”, sent a congratulatory letter to the elected President of the Republic of Abkhazia, Bzhania Aslan Georgievich, which, in particular, states:

Dear Mr. Bzhania!

On behalf of the entire staff of the Public Organization the “International Fund Apsny” and on my own behalf, let me congratulate you on your convincing victory in the presidential elections held on March 22, 2020.

Today, the Republican Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities was given an assistance. This action was carried out by the “International Fund Apsny” together with the partners of the fund from Rostov-on-Don, the Biopharma company.

Dear  Abkhazian women. You educate the defenders of our country. A woman stands at the root of life. May this spring day,  blossom love and goodness in your hearts. May all your good hopes and dreams be fulfilled. Congratulations on this wonderful holiday.

President of the “International Fund APsny” Soner Gogua, sent a felicitation letter to Guli Kichba on her election as Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Abkhazia.

The letter, in particular, noted the merits of Mrs. Kichba and her contribution to social activities and expressed wishes for success in such an important field.




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Today the reporting conference of our foundation took place. The gathered guests were presented with a report on activities over the past 5 years. Among the guests of the event were our regular partners - all the rehabilitation centers of the republic, representatives of the Ashana and Kiaraz foundations, the sponsors of the International Apsny Fund - Abkhazmorprom and Impro companies, our partners, the Biofarma company from Rostov city, and representatives of the public and political organizations, the diplomatic corps, the media, as well as all who are close to our ideas and goals.

The "International Fund Apsny" happy to wish you a Merry Christmas! In this bright holiday we want to wish you peace and prosperity in your homes. Let the kindness, love and happiness prevail and success in all your good undertakings will stay with you. Let all your positive aspirations will come true!


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