Mother and Child - Help to newborns

09/07 2015 to 31/01 2021

The “International Fund Apsny” launches a new permanent project "Ani Amaalyki"(Mother and Child) aimed at supporting young Abkhaz families, in particular, to support young mother in caring for her baby. Each Abkhazian family celebrating a happy event, like the birth of a child, receives a gift from our Foundation - a package with special baby-care means and the book. There are feeding bottles, thermometers, soother and beauty products for baby and mom, as well as Abkhazian children's books, a CD with the Abkhaz children's songs and book about child care. All the products are of good quality and, hopefully, will be useful for the young mother.
Every young family, which has been grown up, may receive a package after submitting a birth certificate to the office of the FOundation located in the city of Sukhum on the Pushkin St. 16, in the business center "Gudou Plaza", 5th floor. This applies particularly to the residents of Sukhum and Sukhum district. As for those families living in other regions of the republic, the representatives of the Foundation in cooperation with the district administrations will bring the Mother Packages to its beneficiaries for distribution on certain days, with the prior announcement.

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