"Adyrra chyts" - a new project of the "International Fund Apsny" in frames of which we equip computer classes in various educational institutions. For more effective work process, many institutions are in need of new, modern systems, such as computers, and even the so-called "smart boards" - interactive panel-boards for schools. During the work of the fund, we have provided support in the form of computer equipment to schools, libraries, district administrations and other organizations. We believe that improving the efficiency of and access to innovation depends on computer literacy.

The project "Akurantsyra" (Centenarian), is aimed at supporting the long-livers. In this project, we are helping people over a hundred years. Centenarians are an integral part of our history and traditions. These people, despite all difficulties, keep the strength of spirit and faith in the goodness. Under this project, Nutsa Dumaa, who is over 116 years was the first to receive gifts from our fundation. We also sent an application to the Guinness Book of Records for registration Nutsa Dumaa as one of the oldest inhabitants of the earth.

"Ateatrei alhuchkei" (Theatre and Children) love for theatre – Within the framework of the current permanent project, we gather children from big and low-income families from different regions and bring them to Abkhaz State Drama Theatre. Children from different Regions are being introduced to art, and moreover meet new friends and peers from other towns and villages of Abkhazia. Probably, a trip to the capital city and visit to theater will be a special event for them in a life. After the performance, we show make them a city tour.

"Aguabziara"(Health) – The permanent Fund's project aimed at resolving of the issues related to public and children's health. Within the framework of the current project the assistance was rendered to the Republican Rehabilitation Center for children with disabilities. Our Fund provides financial assistance to other charity organizations for medical treatment of children abroad. The purposeful work focused on the study of problems of cerebral palsy in Abkhazia is being conducted.

“Aguamch” (Power) – Permanent project of the foundation aimed at development of sports and physical culture among young generation. In frames of this project, the “International Fund Apsny” will provide sports equipment for village schools on a monthly basis. It is planned to set up basketball football and table tennis sports playgrounds.
Due to lack of the proper infrastructure, the village youth has little access to sports. Through development of sports we will give youth a chance to self-express and avoid bad habits and drug addiction.  

New permanent project of the Foundation aimed at supporting pupils from low income Abkhazian families. The “International Fund Apsny” provides support to 10 schoolchildren in the amount of 8.000 Rub per person on a monthly basis. This money is for purchasing of clothes and school supplies.

The project and conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Education which provided foundation with the lists of schoolchildren from low income families, who cannot attend school because of lack of clothes and school supplies.

The "Apeipsh" (Abk. Our Future) project is aimed at supporting large families. One of the main goals of the Fund is to implement projects aimed at improving the demographic situation in Abkhazia. This is another permanent project of the Fund that will develop gradually.

Every month, two of the low-income families having many children will be provided by material assistance in the form of necessary household appliance and other things. The list of essential things is determined by the Fund’s employee after the personal visit to the family. 

The “International Fund Apsny” launches a new permanent project "Ani Amaalyki"(Mother and Child) aimed at supporting young Abkhaz families, in particular, to support young mother in caring for her baby. Each Abkhazian family celebrating a happy event, like the birth of a child, receives a gift from our Foundation - a package with special baby-care means and the book. There are feeding bottles, thermometers, soother and beauty products for baby and mom, as well as Abkhazian children's books, a CD with the Abkhaz children's songs and book about child care.

Educational centre "Academia" is one of the regular projects of the "Internatonal Fund Apsny". In accordance to this project we provide private lessons in Abkhazian, Enlgish, Arabic,Spanish, Italian, Russian and Turkish languages. There are highly experienced teacher providing new educational methods and using new equipments. Lessons are provided for school and university students as well as kids who are less then 6 years old.

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