20 years since Yuri Voronov passed.

It has been 20 years since tragic death of the professor of the Caucasus Sciences, public and political figure and one of the leaders of the national liberation movement of Abkhazia, Mr. Yuri Voronov. He was killed at the door step of his house. His death became a heavy loss and reflected in everyone in Abkhazia.

He was born on the 8th of May 1941 at the village of Cebelda, Abkhazia. Here he spent his childhood and youth, here he became addicted to history and archeology to which he has devoted most of his life. During the war in Abkhazia he persistently continued to lead his political and ideological struggle for liberation of Abkhazia. After the victory he was appointed a Vice Prime Minister of Abkhazia. In a very hard post war conditions, he worked for consolidation and development. Posthumously, Yuri Voronov was awarded with the order “Ahdz-Apsha” of the first grade.

God bless him…

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