Wheelchairs for those who need

Today, in the office of the "Association Inva-Assistance" the wheelchairs were presented to disabled people.

This assistance was made possible by the joint efforts of the “International Fund Apsny”, “Inva-Assistance Association” and, most importantly, the donation of a resident of the Republic of Abkhazia, a Swiss citizen, Manfred Petritsch, who moved permanently to Abkhazia and remains indifferent to those in need. Manfred Petrich also repeatedly assisted the school in Eschera village, artists and others.

17 wheelchairs of the highest class were ordered from factories in Switzerland and Germany and brought to Abkhazia for each specific person. Specially selected size and characteristics of the wheelchairs will allow our fellow citizens, unable to independently move and feel free.

According to the head of the “Association of Inva-Assistance” Alkhas Tkhagushev, this action managed to solve the problem of only 17 people, but the list of applicants is still long and such actions need to be continued.

“I am glad that we managed to implement this project on the eve of the New Year, it will be a kind of Christmas gift for those who so need to feel better, despite the limited possibilities,” said Manfred Petrich.

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