The visit of the delegationfrom Jordan came to its end

At the invitation of the "International Fund Apsny" our country was visited by the representatives of the Public organization "Kuban" NGO  and the satellite TV and radio company "NART-TV" from Jordan.The delegation included: the head of the non-governmental organization "Kuban" NGO Basel Hajtas, the director of the TV and radio company "NART-TV" Said Bazoka, the head of Public relations in "Kuban" NGO Dana Bydzh and the head of the financial department in "Kuban" NGO Mustafa Naguja.Members of the delegation were also interested in issues of economy, tourism, culture and education.

The program began with a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Daur Cove. At the meeting with the minister, the issue of repatriation were discussed. Moreover, the importance of informing our compatriots living in Turkey, Jordan and other countries about our country's political and economic security. In this sence Nart-TV can play important role. The meeting also discussed the possibility of future coverage of the Geneva discussions.

At the meeting with Minister of Economic Affairs the issue of investments were discussed. The delegation was also interested in i taxation on foreign capital and possible tax benefits. Guests from Jordan offered to organize trainings for small and medium-sized businessmen in Abkhazia. The Minister expressed his readiness to support this project and stressed the importance of attracting foreign business to Abkhazia.

The delegation from Jordan was also hosted by Elvira Arsalia, the Minister of Culture and Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage. At the meeting with the Minister of Culture guests  noted the importance of delivering the culture of the Abkhazian people to all corners of the world where our compatriots live. They proposed the Nart-TV platform for showing programs in the Abkhazian language. The Minister thanked the guests and assured her support of this ideas and expressed the possibility of showing on the air of the "Nart-TV" and her cultural program. At the end of the meeting the minister presented guests with books on the culture and art of Abkhazia.

Within the framework of the visit of the delegation from Jordan a meeting  the Minister of Education and Science Adgur Kakoba was held. He told the guests about the education system in Abkhazia and about the methods of teaching the Abkhazian language. The guests, in turn, told about the Circassian school that was opened a few years ago in Jordan where the teaching is conducted in the Circassian language. They also discussed the possibility of introducing Abkhazian language as a permanent subject in this school. The minister showed interest in this kind of experiment and expressed his willingness to provide teachers for this project.

A delegation from Jordan also visited the Ministry of Tourism where they met with Deputy Tourism Minister Astamur Akhba. The Deputy Minister acquainted the guests from Jordan with the situation in the tourist sphere with statistical data and told about the tourist opportunities of the country. The guests did not hide their impression of what they heard and noted that such potential requires serious investments and advertising and assured that they will do everything possible to popularize Abkhazia around the world.

The program  included a meeting with the chairman of the State Committee for Repatriation Beslan Dbar. The head of the State Committee told the guests about the tragic pages of the history of our people and noted the need to develop and strengthen ties with compatriots in all corners of the world.

In all official meetings, the delegation from Jordan was accompanied by representatives of the "International Fund Apsny" Asida Inapshba, Simon Agrba and Zhanna Leiba.

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