The visit of the delegation from Abkhazia to Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

With the assistance of the “International Fund Apsny” the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia paid a working visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus TRNC. The delegation consisting of Minister of Education and Science Mr. Adgur Kakoba and President of the “International Fund Apsny “ Mr. Sener Gogua was accompanied by the Representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in the Turkish Republic Inar Gitsba.

On the 7th of September  the meeting with the rector of the Mediterranean University of Northern Cyprus, Professor Necdet Osam took place. In an interview the Mr. Osam said that: “his university has eight students from Abkhazia and the Abkhaz delegation was assured that next year there will be capacity to increase the number of students from Abkhazia with one more person". During the meeting, Minister of Education and Science of Abkhazia Mr. Adgur Kakoba and rector of the University Mr. Necdet Osam exchanged information about their work and discussed the prospects of further cooperation.

"We managed to improve education through the involvement of foreign teachers in our schools, our universities reached the international level. All our success depended on the level of education "- said the Rector Mr. Necdet Osam.

"Despite limited possibilities, our country made a lot of attention to improve the level of education. It's safe to mention its progressive development. We do not leave our students studying abroad without attention. This applies primarily to Abkhazian students studying in Northern Cyprus; we follow their progress and hope to get good professionals after they return to their homeland. University of Cyprus, using the European system of education, has reached a very high level, "- Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Abkhazia Mr. Adgur Kakoba said in an interview.

At the meeting the issue of mutual recognition of diplomas and other documents of the parties was also discussed.

Same day, Abkhaz delegation was received by Minister of Culture of Northern Cyprus Mr. Kemal Durusti. Sides discussed wide range of issues relating to the prospects of mutual cooperation.

"In the short term, the education system of Northern Cyprus has achieved considerable success. This is proved with the fact that students from countries that have not recognized us are studying in our universities, which is our small victory and gives us hope for the future. They get here for special education and related experience "- said Mr. Kemal Durust during a meeting with the Abkhaz delegation.

"With regard to the education, Northern Cyprus has achieved considerable success. I believe that this fact invariably affects the development of the economy and the prestige of the state. The experience of Northern Cyprus is a good example for Abkhazia. We must orient our youth to education "- said the president of the “International Fund Apsny “ Mr. Sener Gogua.

The deputy of the Parliament of Northern Cyprus Mr. Mehmet Chaalar who took part in the meeting expressed readiness to foster relations between the universities of Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus.

Ministers of both countries thanked Mr. Mehmet Chaalar and Mr. Sener Gogua for the organization of such an important and productive meeting. After the meeting, the sides exchanged gifts. Adgur Kakoba extended invitation to Mr. Durusti Kemal to visit the Republic of Abkhazia in a convenient time.

On the 7th of September there also was a meeting of Abkhazian delegation with the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Northern Cyprus Mr. Fikri Toros. The sides discussed issues of socio-economic character, trade, investment climate in Abkhazia. Sener Gogua provided detailed information on those. Participants of the meeting noted the importance of establishing economic relations between Abkhazia and Northern Cyprus.

"Resolution of the problems caused by the international community’s rejection of our countries is very similar. In this context, it is of particular importance to unite our efforts, primarily in the areas of culture, education and economy "- said in his speech Sener Gogua.

Delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia will visit Republic of Turkey to meet with the Abkhaz Diaspora in Turkey.

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