The Speech of the adviser of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia for language policy Tali Jopua on the issues related to Abkhaz language.

Indeed, throughout its history, our people have repeatedly demonstrated their greatness, and the proof for that are our: statehood, freedom and recognition of our independence.

What is the reason for uncertainty today, and distrust? Maybe, we are just sick and tired. Not an easy burden fell down on the shoulders of our small people, to my mind; even for great nations it would not be easy to overcome burdens that Abkhaz people experienced in a short period of time. Therefore, discussing issues of Apsuara today, we are paving a new way to solve many problems. If we could succeed to convey the discussions with the participation of scientists and experts on such sensitive issues for all of us as: languages, culture, customs, and moreover, extend the topic of discussion in various areas, I am sure that difficulties will step back.

I would like to focus on language problems. There is a law on language in Abkhazia. Our language has the status of state, development programs are implemented, but, unfortunately, the language situation is not optimistic, we can say that it is scary. But we can change the situation and make it better. We have to join efforts to solve this problem, I can assure you that the government itself is ready to support and guide our common efforts. We welcome any initiative aimed at developing, popularization and supporting Abkhaz language as a state one. We have many problems, but few opportunities, but I am sure we can overcome them, the only thing is necessary to do is to mobilize and demonstrate desire to change the situation. The government will support us in this direction. And if the state is unable to solve all problems, there are businessmen, who will try to solve all these problems. We will support all those who offer us language development projects.

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