A set of football jerseys for Football Club-“Samurzakan”.

Today, within the framework of the project "Aguamch", "International Fund Apsny" presented more than 20 sets of new football jerseys to football team "Samurzakan" from Gal city. The coach of the football club "Samurzakan" and chairman of the sports committee of Gal city, as well as young players paid a visit to the office of “International Fund Apsny” and expressed great appreciation to the Fund and promised to bring more sports victories.

Football club "Samurzakan" was created in 1999 and for many Gal children became a place where they can develop and try their forces in sport. Love for the sport distracts them from various addictions.

"Aguamch" project will continue its work in other districts of Abkhazia, since the development of young people and promoting a healthy lifestyle will help us to strengthen our nation's health.


"Aguamch" project was implemented in Gal school №1
"Aguamch" project continued its work in Gudauta district.
Representatives of the "International Fund Apsny" visited  Chlou village
"Aguamch" project visited Gagra district school in Lidzava village.
"International Fund Apsny" has launched a new project "Aguamch"

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