Rally against war in Syria was held in Sukhum

The statement of the Vice-President  of “International Fund Apsny” Maxim Gundjia at the rally in support of peace in Syria.


The situation in Syria is an example of creating a controlled chaos at the external borders of potential adversaries.


It is not secret that the so-called Arab Spring is the process run-down from the outside, resulting in losing opportunities for restoring peace and development in many countries, particularly in Libya.


All these processes began long before the events in Syria. In particular, the attack and occupation of Iraq, created the prerequisites to fuel new wars in the Middle East. During the Desert Storm Operation, more than a 1 million people were killed in Iraq.


The enmity between the Shiites and Sunnis was the result of an imbalance in the region. And today we regularly hear about the facts of the civil war of terror in Iraq.


Undisguised support of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition, which in fact is a radical extremist, openly speaks of artificial processes on creation new global threats in the form of ISIL.


It is not surprising that Russia's actions, which operate strictly within the framework of international law, are causing a large-scale hysteria in the Western world.


In fact, Russia has come to Syria to end chaos controlled from outside.


The refugee problem Europe faced with is the result of the policies of the West.


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in his speech at the 70th UN General Assembly, addressing the representatives of the Western countries said: “Now you understand what you've done ....”


Today, when the controlled chaos in Syria, began to break down, and ISIL faced with the threat of destruction, thanks to the actions of Russia, Western countries have brought down all the rage to Russia, accusing her of all the crimes that they - Western countries have committed for over 20 years.


All progressive people, whose brains have not been washed by propaganda is in favor of the speedy destruction of the world threat –ISIL and stand for peace in Syria. Syria must not fall.


It is necessary to consolidate all forces to restore peace in Syria, where, because of efforts of the West, more than 200 thousand people was killed, and millions have become refugees.


Once again we express our support to Russia's actions aimed at the victory over the world evil; we call on other nations to openly support Russia in the war against ISIL.

ие народы открыто поддержать Россию в войне против ИГИЛ.     

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