Public figure Nugzar Ashuba’s speech on the topic: preservation of Abkhaz traditions and customs.

Why do we need statehood? We need it in order to preserve the independence of our country, our nation, culture and language. Wealth can be acquired in any other state. The Abkhaz people should live in a strong country. We need to discuss issues related to Apsuara more often and this knowledge should be spread among the people. Our elders: grandfathers, fathers and mothers are the sources of this knowledge. Of course, life goes on and we have to progress. This topic should be brought to the State level and use the existing institutions in order to publish this knowledge in all possible scientific sources. Abkhazian customs and culture should be studied from different angles and passed across the generations. We shouldn’t copy foreign traditions. In childhood, we didn’t dare ourselves to pass by elders; we were expressing respect to each other. Our language and traditions have to be complementary. What can be preserved from what we have today? What did we lose? And do we understand what is on the verge of disappearing? These problems must be approached from a scientific side. If we can save something and bring it to life, it will be a great achievement. The duty of every Abkhazian is to preserve Apsuara. We, elders, need to set a good example to the younger generation and direct them to the right way.

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