The project "Apeipsh" was implemented thanks to the support of compatriots from Jordan

The large family of Zhiba Kumachi and Marholia Yuli lives in the village of Mgudzyrhua, Gudauta district, in the most remote, high-mountain part of it. Kumachi and Yulia bring up 11 children: Daut, Said, Rada, Daur, Hamida, Sabina, Dmitry, Salima, Danil, Demo and Astamur. Older children have already graduated from school and are studying and working, five younger are the schoolchildren and there is a preschool child of 6 years old.

Yulia's mother applied for our project and their application was registered in the framework of the Apeipsh project.

When, the "International Fund of Apsny" received money collected for charity in Abkhazia by representatives of the Circassian diaspora in Jordan and the TV company "Nart-TV" at the Victroy Day event in Amman on the 30th of September, by the initiative of the TV company Nart-TV and the “International Fund of Apsny”, it was decided to render this support to large family of Zhiba due to their difficult financial situation.

There are a lot of problems in this family: it is a considerable distance from the village center, mother and father are unemployed and only engaged in housekeeping, older children do not have permanent work, only seasonal, one of the daughters is seriously ill and needs constant medical help, they do not have water , the nearest well is a kilometer away from home and the family sometimes collects rainwater for household needs, and it is not so easy to feed and equip such a large family.

In the framework of the Apeips project, thanks to the help of our compatriots and partners from Jordan, the Zhiba family received refrigerator, laundry machine, TV, electric oven, electric heater, a water pump for the well, household chemicals and products.

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