The project "Akurantsira" is visiting Tina Bebiya in the village Khuap

Bebiya Tina Kachovna lives in the mountainous village Khuap of Gudauta district. Tina Kachovna was born in 1905, she is 111 years old. At her respectful age, Tina Kachovna is grunted with good health, always in good spirits, moreover, she says should she have wings, she would fly up to the sky. Within the framework of the "Akurantsira" Project, representatives of "International Fund Apsny" on behalf of the Secretary General Asida Inapshba, Head the Apsuara Committee Oktay Chkotua, the head of the committee on demography and repatriation Sirma Ashuba came to visit long-liver Tina Kachovna with gifts from the Fund, with a TV set and souvenirs.

"Abkhazia has always been famous for its longevity, and today we are deeply encouraged by the fact that we have such elderly. I want to express the wish that we have the number of centenarians in Abkhazia only grew. I wish you more years of life in good health and joyful mood. The President of our Fund Sener Gogua is away, but is sending you his warmest greetings, "- said Oktay Chkotua.

 Tina Kachovna raised three daughters, six grandchildren; she has grand grandchildren, and even great granddaughter. Even now she can manage to live on her own and helps her daughter with the housework. For many years she worked as a costume designer in the famous dance ensemble "Sharatyn" named after Edward Bebiya. With "Sharatyn" Tina Kachovna traveled many countries, but she considers the best her beloved Apsny.

 "Our Abkhazia is the most beautiful corner of the world. We must take care of it, and our unique nature. I am a little upset with our young people, they do not care about their health; die in accidents and from addictions. We survived the war, and should get developed further. I pray a lot; my relatives and neighbors invite me to hold prayer ceremonies on holidays. Now, turning to the Creator, I pray for the future of our people to save our Apsny for us, our Apsuara. And I would like to thank my guests for their help and wish them all the best, "- said long-liver Tina Bebiya.

Tina Bebiya a traditional healer, she cures various diseases in an unconventional way, with local herbs, and the villagers often invite her to hold prayer ceremonies.

"The secret of my longevity, probably, is that I never lose heart, no matter what happens, never lose hope and try to be active" - responded to our question Tina Kachovna Bebiya.

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