Project "Aguamch" came to village Myka

Within the framework of the regular monthly project "Aguamch", the "International Fund  Apsny" assisted the secondary school in the  Myka village of Ochamchira district. The school received following sports equipment: sets of footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, baskets for basketballs, football goals, volleyball nets, boxing pear and various accessories. All of this went to the school that is named after George Chachba. The representatives of our foundation Simon Agrba  and Roman Kapba delivered the gifts to school. The project was sponsored by the General Director of the company "Abhazmorprom" Timur Logua.

The director of the school, Aslandzia Merab Shamilievich, expressed  gratitude to the president of the fund Sener Gogua for their attention and support.He expressed that  in such a short period the fund managed to implement so many projects in the sphere of education, social sphere and gain solid authority.

The teacher of the school Tarba Isolda Haikovna said that the material and technical base of rural schools is in very difficult shape  today and the support of the foundation is of great importance for them.

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