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Within the framework of «Aguamch" project, the "International Fund Apsny" presented sports equipment for the sum of 70 thousand rubles: table tennis, rackets, volleyballs, basketball, soccer balls, basketball rings, volleyball nets, punching bag, a few gloves sets, dumbbells, jump ropes, etc. to Gagra district high school in Lidzava village.

This year, 100 students graduated from the educational center "Academia" . Currently, 4 languages are being taught at the center ​​- Abkhazian, Russian, English and Turkish. “Academia” teachers are highly qualified specialists and graduates of prestigious foreign universities.

Embedded thumbnail for The International Fund “Apsny" headed by Sener Gogua is permanently providing financial support to the children's program "Mrashta" on "Abaza TV " Channel.

The International Fund “Apsny" headed by Sener Gogua is permanently providing financial support to the children's program "Mrashta" on "Abaza TV " Channel.

On the 28th of May, the opening ceremony of the World Football tournament will be held in Abkhazia. The “International Fund Apsny” ordered 44 football jerseys in Turkey for Abkhaz national football team players. The gifts were shown to the President of the Football Federation of Abkhazia Jemal Gubaz. Tomorrow the “International Fund Apsny” will present them to team players.

Today the International Fund “Apsny" has implemented "Agurazra" project for students from low-income families from Ochamchira District villages. The students were rendered assistance within the framework of the abovementioned project. The staff of the Fund purchased clothes and necessary back-to-school-goods for students. The funds allocated for each eight thousand Rubles.  "Agurazra" project is carried out monthly and aims at supporting students from various regions of Abkhazia.

International Fund “Apsny” continues its project “Agurazra”, aimed at supporting students from low-income families. This time 10 students from Gudauta Region School were supported with school and sport clothes.

In accordance with previous agreement with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Abkhazia the list of 120 students from income-families was approved, who will be supported at a total account of 960 thousand Rubles.

Last week the Fund rendered assistance to Tkvarchal Region.

Embedded thumbnail for The Children’s Program “Mrashta” is on the air on Abaza TV Channel

In its activity a public organization International Fund “Apsny” pays great attention to projects aimed at upbringing the oncoming generation, improving their education in the spirit of patriotism and love for their motherland and native language.

The International Fund “Apsny " headed by Sener Gogua has provided financial support for the children's program "Mrashta" on "Abaza TV " Channel , which had been on the air on February 6 this year.

The program format involves a large number of children who speak their native language. "Mrashta" is broadcasted twice a month.

From 7 to 9 of August 2015 the 17th International Seminar on Karate-Do and Tournament Cup of Yoshitaka Tsunakoshi was held in Abkhazia.

Among the guests there were teams from different regions of Russia, as well as a team from Turkey and various Karate Federations of Abkhazia. More than 200 participants in 7 age categories within three types of programs were present.

Abkhazia took a first place in team meetings, Russia II place and a team from Turkey III place. According to the results of personal meetings, a team of Abkhazia won the largest number of prizes.


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