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The project "Agurazra", that was launched by the "International Fund Apsny" keep assisting students from  low income families. The "Agurazra" project is ongoing and is being implemented on a monthly basis. The Project is about purchasing school clothes and stationary for students from poor families in Abkhazia.This time, from the list of applications received, ten students from Ochamchira district were selected. 

The "International Fund of Apsny" held a meeting with parents of children who were operated in Yerevan clinic in July 2016. The childrens' treatment  became possible thanks to the joint project of the "International Fund of Apsny" and the Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana".

Parents  thanked our fundation and confirmed that children  improved a lot after the operation. Chkotua Azamat, who was operated on and put the orthoses began to walk better.

The project "Apeipsh"  aimed at supporting low-income families with many children continues its job. IThe assistance was provided to a large family of Omar Gindia and Irina Tsvizhba which  eight children: Rada, Ratha, Renat, Ruslana, Rashit, Regina, Rastislav, Raiana. The oldest child is 16 years old and the youngest is two months.

The opening ceremony of playroom was conducted in Sukhum  rehabilitation center on December 23,   26. The room equipment was donated to rehabilitation center  by "International Fund Apsny". The event was attended by President of "International Fund Apsny" Sener Gogua and Head of Social Policy Committee Yulia Gumba. All children who came to the opening ceremony of the playroom from various regions of Abkhazia received Christmas gifts from the Fund.


Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project, which is aimed at supporting vulnerable families with many children, “International Fund Apsny" rendered assistance to the family of Guraliya Malkhaz and Kadzhaya Angela. Malkhaz and Angela are growing six children; three of them go to school.

Today, the "International Fund Apsny" has implemented its constant "Agurazra" project for student from Sukhum district. Ten students were rendered assistance within the framework of the above mentioned project. The staff of the Fund purchased clothes and necessary back-to-school-goods for students. The funds allocated for each student was eight thousand Rubles.  "Agurazra" project is carried out monthly and aims at supporting students from various regions of Abkhazia.

Today the "International Fund Apsny" provided financial support to Gal rehabilitation center for children with disabilities. Means will be used for repair works. 

Financial assistance was handed to the representative of Gal rehabilitation center at the office of  "International Fund Apsny"

Within the framework of "Aguamch" project "International Fund Apsny" rendered assistance to Ochamchira high school №4.

The "Aguamch" project is aimed at supporting schools by sports equipment. The project "Aguamch" is aimed at physical and healthy upbringing of the younger generation.  "International Fund Apsny" presented sports equipment: table tennis, rackets, volleyballs, basketball, soccer balls, basketball rings, volleyball nets, punching bag, a few gloves sets, dumbbells, jump ropes and other sports accessories to Ochamchira school №4.

The "Apeipsh" project continues its work in Tkuarchal.

Today, within the framework of "Apeipsh" project, aimed at supporting families with many children, representatives of the Fund Asida Inapshba, Roman Kapba and Medjit Gogua paid a visit to the family of Lagvilava Lerik and Chaabal Irina living in Tkuarchal city. The family is growing seven children - Levan, Leon, Gena, Esnat, Lionella, Jasmina and Ainar. Four children are students and three go to kindergarten.


 On Saturday, November 19th, children from Sukhum visited the hockey match:  HT Salavat Yulaev vs. HT Sochi. The trip was organized by the “International und Apsny” on the initiative of Enver Lisin, who covered all expenses. Enver Lisin – is the playmaker of Salavat Yulaev Hockey Club and a very good guy. During the match, children were rooting for Enver wholeheartedly.  Every time he appeared children were accompanying him by outcries:  "Lisin Lisin Lisin". The kids were exited with games and the atmosphere in the stadium. After the match, Enver came to children and talked to them.


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