"Akurantsyra" - Centenarian

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Honored worker of culture of Abkhazia, Adile Abbas-ogly, the Commander of the Order "Akhdz-Apsha" of the II degree, celebrates her 98th birthday.

The victim of Stalinist repressions, the only surviving member of the family of Nestor Lakoba, Adile left her notable mark in the history of our country. In 1938, Adile was repressed because she was a relative of Nestor Lakoba. In 1953, she was rehabilitated and returned to Sukhum. She described her tragic life in the book "I Can not Forget".

Bebiya Tina Kachovna lives in the mountainous village Khuap of Gudauta district. Tina Kachovna was born in 1905, she is 111 years old. At her respectful age, Tina Kachovna is grunted with good health, always in good spirits, moreover, she says should she have wings, she would fly up to the sky.

Abkhazians say "Those who have no senior elders – have no God" and they wish longevity in Abkhazian language, that is why the "International Fund of Apsny" could not ignore such an event as the centenary of our compatriot Ilya Dochia, who lives in the village of Babushera of the Gulrysh district. Representatives of the "International Fund of Apsny" Nugzar Logua, Oktay Chkotua, Demyan Gogua and Medzhit Gogua came to him with gifts from the fund. The jubilant did not hide his confusion and joy.

The public organization "International Fund Apsny " launches a new project "The Abkhaz centenarians", within the framework of which representatives of the Fund: Secretary General Inapshba Asida, head of Apsuara committee Oktay Chkotua and representative of the Fund in Ochamchira district Demian Gogua visited Tarba family in Myku village with gifts for the most honorable member of this Abkhaz family- Nutsa Dumaa.

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