Presentation of the Magazine “Apsyntila sara styla” was held in Sukhum.

The presentation of the first issue of the magazine “Apsyntila sara styla” (Abkhazia is my motherland) was held at the Republican Library named after Ivan Papaskir.  The event was opened by the Chairman of Culture and Education Committee of the International Fund “Apsny” Nugzar Logua.

Next, the floor was given to the chief editor, Chairman of Media and Public Relations Committee of the Fund Guram Amkuab.

"The main purpose of the magazine is to strengthen ties between the Diaspora and their historical homeland. The magazine will help them to get acquainted with the Abkhaz culture, history and customs, and not to lose touch with their historical motherland. The magazine title tells its own tale. The photo of the girl holding the Abkhaz flag is on the cover of the magazine, as if to say: "My Motherland - is my country, I shall surrender it to no one," - said Guram Amkuab.

The speech was delivered to: advisor of the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Vladimir Zantariya, Minister of Education Adgur Kakoba, scientists: Zurab Dzhapua, Otar Dzidzaria Diana Ajinjal, Tzira Gabniya, Oleg Damenia; writers: Alyksa Gogua, Juma Akhuba, Anatoly Lagulaa, Terent Chania, Kutarba Khairy, Director of the Republican Library Boris Cholariya, Chairman of Apsuara Committee  Oktay Chkotua.

The President of the International Fund “Apsny" Sener Gogua thanked all those present.

"Our main goal is to protect the interests of our people. And I want to thank my colleagues for the fulfilled work of the Fund during the year. We have more goals, plans and work to accomplish and we are ready to do it. The issue of the magazine in Abkhaz language has become a great occasion for us "- stressed Sener Gogua.

The magazine “Apsyntila sara styla” will be published in Russian, Turkish and English and presented on the Fund’s official website. The magazine will be published twice a year with a circulation of 2,000 copies.

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