Deputies of the National Assembly – the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia: the Chairman of the Social policy and health and labor Committee, Mr. Apollon Gurgulis and his deputy Mr. Leonid Chamagua, expressed their opinion about the “International Fund Apsny” and its future prospects. 

Appolon Gurgulia: Today, we live in a free, recognized state of Abkhazia. We all understand why we need a government. We need it to preserve our ethnic group, our language and our people. If there is a state, therefore, there has to be a language. The Abkhazian language - is the official language and its status is legislatively confirmed. Each one of us knows that since ancient time our people has been fighting for its self-preservation. All our problems historically associated with the small number of our people. The state should set a task of increasing the birth rate in the country. We fully support the work of the “International Fund Apsny" lead by Mr. Sener Gogua. I am sure that the people will appreciate the work of the foundation’s committees. We should unite our efforts. I am sure it will contribute in the protection of the interests of our nation. We see the first successful steps of the Fund, and I think that in the future with the support of the state and the society, it will do better. I am a doctor by profession. The job of the doctor is closely linked to the issues of demography. In our country, there are many people above 30 and without a family. There are childless families as well. We have to study this issue seriously. The possibilities of modern medicine are great, we must have access to it. The government should include in its budget some relevant funds to create conditions of treatment for our citizens in their own country. Social conditions are not equal. There are families with many children and many hardships to raise a child. They need help. Let us support these initiatives not by one, but by both hands. We have to understand that we can be ruined because of our small number. We have seen how other nations with smaller numbers than ours, have grown up in figures. We have to learn from their experience in many things. We haave to think thoroughly about our negative conditions, in order to fix them in line with our traditions of Apsuara, we must find the right way. We have no other choice. With the help of our state and our people, we must solve our common issues. I wish a big success to the Foundation, its leaders, its members and supporters.

Leonid Chamagua: Currently there are more talks than deeds about the demography issue. I really appreciate the project of the” International Foundation Apsny" dedicated to newborns. Of course, these are first steps, but it should not stop on that. As it says: where there are no people – there will be no development. The growth of population will directly affect the quality of life in the country. We must fill in the territory of Abkhazia from all sides. We have to have good specialists in various branches. Today, we came to a situation where the Abkhazians, in whatever part of the country they live, western, eastern or outside of it should join their hands in creating a children's fund. For example, if we run a program of financial support for large families with three or more children, in the amount of 200-300 thousand rubles, the results will be amazing. We must do something for the growth of our nation. We must not fear to speak out, that today the Abkhazian nation is facing the threat of extinction. Of course, the law for all peoples living in Abkhazia is one. However, representatives of other nations have their own historic homeland, state and they have where they might go. If the welfare of each Abkhazian individual grows, it will inevitably affect the development of the state. According to statistics, there are less then 400 of big Abkhazian families. By mutual efforts of the government and the society, we have to support these families. I think every employee in our country will happily grant some 100 rubles for a holy cause.

We need to create favorable conditions for the return of Abkhazians living abroad. In general, the issue of repatriation requires special approach. We should develop an appropriate state program. We should know our history well, it requires serious researches. We know that many countries have historical documents about Abkhazia in their archives. Today, we have access to them, and times have changed, it is necessary to adapt to changes. We are happy for present youth, they are getting good education, and a lot of them are future diplomats, those in whose hands is our future. We hope that the “International Fund Apsny” has good prospects. We wish you a lot of success. 

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