Meeting of the Parliamentary Delegation from Jordan with the President of Abkhazia

Today, on March 8, 2018, President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba received a parliamentary delegation from Jordan consisting of Mansour Sizhazh, Khaled Alabdallah and Khaled Albakkar. The meeting was also attended by Speaker of the Parliament of Abkhazia Valery Kvarchia, Member of Parliament and Board Member of the “International Fund of Apsny” Astamur Logua and Vice President of the Foundation Maxim Gvindzhia.

"I hope that thanks to such visits, cooperation between our countries will develop. Our countries are historically connected, moreover, in Jordan there is a large Abkhaz-Adyghe Diaspora. Our compatriots found a second home in Jordan and became a part of the culture and history of this country." – the Head of State said.

Guests from Jordan in turn thanked the President for the warm welcome and expressed confidence that soon, Abkhazia will overcome all difficulties and become a full member of the International Community.

At the end of the meeting, the President presented memorable gifts to the guests.

After the meeting with the President, a delegation from Jordan visited the "Mahajir (monument devoted to those who exiled the motherland as a result of Turkish-Russian war over Caucasus)" monument.

"This is the first visit of the parliamentary delegation from Jordan to Abkhazia, and it was the result of a long work carried out by the “International Fund of Apsny”. Over the years, we repeatedly visited Jordan with cultural and investment missions. We are confident that our cooperation will be strengthened." – Maxim Gvindzhia said in an interview.

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