Liana Doguzia with the support of the Fund Apsny will go to Moscow for medical treatment.

In frames of the campaign of the Cultural Charity Foundation “Ashana” - "hnapkua eibarkny" (hand in hand), the Fund “Ashana” and the "International Fund Apsny" has signed an agreement on partnership, according to which the "International Fund Apsny" will cover medical treatment of four children with the cerebral diagnose per year. The total amount of treatment will make up to 800.000 Rubles per year.

It is a great support in solving problems of children with cerebral palsy. It is only Fund “Ashana” that covered 40 people with cerebral. Many of them have already received aid and are now awaiting follow-up treatment in Moscow. On average, for the treatment of patients with cerebral palsy, needs 400.000 Rubles per year. It is 16 million Rubles per 40 people.

Under the agreement, the "International Fund Apsny" donated 199.700 Rub. for the treatment of Liana Doguzia. Liana has already passed one course of treatment at the Moscow Institute of Medical Technologies. Now Liana has got a happy chance to go for the next course of treatment. The clinic where she is going to be treated soon is already waiting for the girl. According to mother of Liana, Gunda Shinkuba: "We did not expect that our girl’s treatment will be covered so soon. It is a great joy for the whole family, since the treatment in Moscow clinic benefited our daughter, and we expect to have a second course of treatment. We were not aware of the existence of such a Foundation as “Apsny". Thank the leadership in the face of Mr. Sonera Gogua for caring and provided invaluable help to our family. If there are more such caring organization, there will be more healthy children in Abkhazia! Thank you all for your support. "

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