Leon Djindjolia – the thousandth child of "Ani amaalyki" project.

One year has passed since the project of "International Fund Apsny"- "Ani ammalyki" is carried out. The project aims at supporting young mothers in child care. Every family where there was such a happy event as the birth of a child receives a gift from the Fund with special facilities for child care, clothing, children's books, etc.

Today, the thousandth package "Ani amaalyki" was presented to the young family of Inal Djindjolia and Rafida Amichba in the office of "International Fund Apsny” in Sukhum. Ten days ago, first-born baby boy, who was named Leon, was born in Djindjolia family. The mom who came to the Fund with the birth certificate in order to receive the mother’s package was greeted by the Fund employees with flowers, gifts, and, "Ani amaalyki" package.

The President of the Fund Sener Gogua congratulated the young mother with the main event in her life.

"The birth of every child in Abkhazia inspires us, we wish more children to be born in our country. We want to share the joy of having a child with each family. I congratulate you on this happy occasion. Let your child grow healthy and successful” - said Sener Gogua.

"It was such a big surprise for me. Thank you for such a warm welcome, gifts, support of young families and families with many children. I hope my little Leon will be worth of attention paid by the “International Fund Apsny" - shared her impressions Rafida Amichba.

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