July 23, 1992- the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia adopted a law on the new state symbols: the flag and coat of arms.

The Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, at the time a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia Oleg Damenia, shared his memories:
"At that time the situation was very challenging. There was a heavy confrontation, controversy inside the Parliament .What can I say, the Georgian part of the deputies objected against the issue. They wanted the Georgian elements to be present in the new symbolism. Of course, we could not agree with that condition. It was evident that our opinions diverge radically, we were irreconcilable.

Despite fierce opposition, we, nevertheless, managed to adopt our symbols. This was made possible thanks to the political wisdom of the Supreme Council Vladislav Ardzinba and the Abkhaz part of the deputies. We had to be patient, to work out the right approach to the solution of such a complex, conflictual issue. It is necessary to emphasize the role of the flag and emblem author, a distinguished Abkhaz artist Valery Gamgiya. The work was processed secretly, it was impossible openly to submit sketches to people. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to realize our plans. "

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