The International Fund "Apsny" transferred 200,000 rubles to the "Ashana" Fund for the treatment of George Torchua.

Today, November 18, the meeting was held between the International Fund "Apsny" and representatives of the cultural and charitable Fund "Ashana", the aim of the meeting was to provide financial support to "Ashana" Fund in accordance with the agreements between the two funds. In August 2015  an agreement on cooperation was signed between the President of the International Fund "Apsny" Sener Gogua and Director of cultural and charitable Fund "Ashana" Dzheveyra Kolosova, according to which International Fund "Apsny" takes the responsibility for annual payment of treatment of four children with cerebral palsy to the total amount of 800 000 rubles. First aid was provided to Liana Doguziya form Miku Village, who is being treated at the Institute of Medical Technologies in Moscow.

Today, the International Fund "Apsny" transferred 200 000 rubles. for the treatment of four years old George Torchua with cerebral palsy to the account of the cultural and charitable Fund "Ashana".

"For all of us there is nothing more important than health of our children. Consequently, we need to invest today in our better future. In the future, these children will glorify their homeland - Apsny, will make their own contribution to the building of our country. To do this we must support them today, "- said Sener Gogua.

Mom of the young George Shazina Gamisonia expressed gratitude to the head of the International Fund "Apsny" Sener Gogua for support, which is so important to the family of George.

"A few months ago, we appealed to “Ashana" Fund for receiving at least a feasible financial assistance for medical treatment of our child. And very soon, International Fund "Apsny" responded to our pain. I want to thank from the whole family the Fund "Ashana" for assistance in obtaining help"- said the mother of the child.

The representative of "Ashana" Fund Maktina Jinjolia shared the work of the Fund and drew attention to the fact that there are so many sick children in our country and expressed her gratitude to the Fund "Apsny" on behalf of the Fund "Ashana" staff for their continued support and willingness to cooperate.

Thus,  little George will go to Moscow for treatment with his family in the near future.

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