“International Fund Apsny” presented household appliances and medical supplies to Tkuarchal maternity hospital.

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Tkuarchal District Hospital was opened in 1953. Maternity unit, which employs 20 people of qualified medical staff, works to present day. Among them there are those who go to work from the capital. For many years, the maternity hospital has been headed by obstetric officer Eliso Kvarchia.

The hospital is in poor conditions, major repairs weren’t carried out since the end of the war. All medical and other equipment is out of date; something is even out of order and needs to be changed.

Once acquainted with conditions of Tkuarchal maternity hospital, the President of “International Fund Apsny” Sener Gogua has decided to provide assistance to this medical institution and presented the hospital refrigerator, washing machine, heaters, ovens and other medical supplies.­

“The other day I was able to visit the Tkuarchal hospital, which is dealing with cerebral palsy in a working group of the fund. Despite the fact that the purpose of our visit to Tkuarchal was different, what we saw didn’t allow us to ignore the problems of the hospital. Having studied the situation, I promised the staff that in the near future, the fund will provide all possible assistance to the maternity hospital. I am sure that our example will be followed by others, mostly by businessmen, natives of Tkuarchal. We can do a lot by consolidating our efforts and resources - said Sener Gogua.

Sener Gogua acquainted the hospital staff with the fund activities and shared a detailed information on “Ani amaalyki” (Mother and Child) project.

Chief physician of the maternity hospital Eliso Kvarchia thanked Sener Gogua and representatives of the fund, native of Tkurchal Beslan Kvarchia, Julia Gumba and Syrma Ashuba for their support.

Over the past decade, the city-hero Tkuarchal experienced a lot and, of course, it affected our health facilities. Despite the fact that everything is out of date, we managed to save the hospital and medical staff, which has a responsible approach to their duties. Among them there are those whose continuous carrier pattern in the hospital reached forty years. We accept more than ten children per month; we receive not only maternity patients from nearby cities but also from distant villages. We hope for the best and convinced that our city and country will prosper, and more children will be born, - said Eliso Kvarchia.

Representatives of Tkuarchal district Administration, deputies of local council, representative of the fund in the district attended the charity event organized by “International Fund Apsny”.


Recently, the “International Fund Apsny” presented computers to Tkuarchal Humanitarian College to create a computer class.

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