The “International Fund Apsny” paid a visit to 116 year old Nutsa K.Dumaa with presents.

The public organization "International Fund Apsny " launches a new project "The Abkhaz centenarians", within the framework of which representatives of the Fund: Secretary General Inapshba Asida, head of Apsuara committee Oktay Chkotua and representative of the Fund in Ochamchira district Demian Gogua visited Tarba family in Myku village with gifts for the most honorable member of this Abkhaz family- Nutsa Dumaa.

 Nutsa K. Dumaa (maiden name- Adleiba) is the mother of the hostess Clara; she lives with her more than two decades. Nutsa Dumaa was born at the beginning of the last century – to be exact, on the 15th of February 1900. She reached 116 years old today according to her documents, and is considered officially the oldest resident of Abkhazia.

116-year-old Nutsa K. Dumaa experienced both World wars, revolution, collectivization, reformation, collapse of the Soviet Union, the Georgian-Abkhaz War in Abkhazia 1992-93 and a lot of historical events, which would be enough for several lifetimes. She raised two daughters, six grandchildren and has seven great-grandchildren. According to relatives, Nutsa K. is a very kind and sympathetic person, her house was always full of hospitality and cordiality. All those who needed help and support could find shelter and warmth in her house.

"We are deeply touched by the story of the family associated with the Russian boy who Nutsa K. adopted and raised during the Great Patriotic War. The boy was taken by the military echelon of Abkhazia together with other orphans who have lost their loved ones during the bombing and occupation of Soviet towns and villages by fascist invaders. Nutsa K. took the orphan to her house, raised him as her own son. Many years later, his mother was found by accident. They became friends, and for many years kept the most cordial relations, "- shared her impressions Asida Inapshba

"Despite the fact that we have found her recumbent, it was impossible not to notice Nutsa’s clear mind and manifestations of interest to us. It was obvious that she was glad to see us and very worried that we did not leave the house without tasting food in her house "- added Asida Inapshba.

"I asked Nutsa Dumaa the secret of her longevity, and received a definite answer of her relatives – the secret is in hard work" - said Oktay Chkotua.

Nutsa K. was always working, led a large household, worked on the farm, was picking tea, has been shock worker of socialist work, "Stakhanovsy", repeatedly was elected as a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Abkhaz ASSR, and was a member of the Communist Party. Regular physical work is probably one of the reasons of her longevity.

In our opinion, the most important thing is love and care of friends and relatives, and the feeling when people realize that the family needs their love, wisdom and life experience.

"International Fund Apsny" is preparing an application to the Guinness Book of Records under Nutsa’s name, the eldest resident of the Republic of Abkhazia.

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