"International Fund Apsny" held a press conference

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On the 7th of February at the National Library named after Ivan Papaskir “International Fund Apsny” held a press conference for local media devoted to the fund activities in 2016. The press conference was opened with the greetings from the head of the media committee, chief editor of "Apsyntyla Sara Stila" Guram Amkuab. Then, the President of the "International Fund Apsny" Sener Gogua told the audience about how the fund was born the idea of ​​its creation, its goals and objectives. He also familiarized press with the structure of the Fund, which changed in the reporting year. The representatives were appointed in the regions of the Abkhazia and abroad. In his speech, a fund president told about the fund’s projects, noting that priority is given to projects aimed at addressing issues of demography, conservation and development of the Abkhazian language.

Sener Gogua drew journalists' attention to the fact that the Fund deals with all matters except for the politics.

Then the general secretary Ashida Inapshba made A report on the activity of the fund. She highlighted the work of organization, acquainted with the statistics of the projects and presented permanent fund projects with are: "Ani amaalyki", "Apeipsh", "Agurazra", "Agubziara", "Aguamch", "Akurantsyra", "Ateatri ahuchkuei" "Adyrra chyts". She also informed about the Fund's budget, which was 7,913,331 mill. rubles in 2015, and 23,934,294 mill. rubles in 2016.

In her speech A. Inapshba also noted that "the International Fund Apsny" publishes "Apsyntyla Sara Stila" which is originally in Abkhazian language but has its version in Russian, Turkish, English and Arabic languages on the Foundation's website www.fondapsny.org .

Further, the representatives of the Fund answered journalist’s questions.

More information about the report for the year 2016 "International Foundation Apsny" can also be found on the site www.fondapsny.org.

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