The “International Fund Apsny” has launched a new project “Apeipsh”.

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Public Organization the “International Fund Apsny”, has launched a new project to support big Abkhazian families.

Dedicated to the 22nd anniversary of the Victory, the “International Fund Apsny” provided assistance to the family of a war veteran, father of six children, John Hiba, living in the village of Baslahu. He was provided with so much needed material assistance necessary in big families like: refrigerator, washing machine, water tank and pump, and household chemicals, and school supplies for children.

President of the "International Fund Apsny" Soner Gogua stressed that the support for big families and assistance to them, is a very important direction of our activity.

"Everything we do - is for the children. As you know the situation in the villages is not easy. This month, our Foundation launched a project to support big Abkhazian families by providing material assistance. Children is our future "- said Soner Gogua.

John Hiba being 13-year-olds rose to defend the Motherland. His house was burnt during the war. Today, his wife, Manana Tsurtsumia, is caring most of the responsibilities for housekeeping and upbringing of children, the eldest of whom is seventh grade schoolchild, and the youngest is just a few months old.

"I want to express my gratitude for the assistance. We were in need of such support, and it will help us very much in our household" – said the father of many children, John Hiba.

The head of the Baslahu village, Nugzar Shynkuba thanked "the International Fund Apsny" for such social projects.

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