Ilya Dochia from the village of Babushera of the Gulrysh district is 100 years old

Abkhazians say "Those who have no senior elders – have no God" and they wish longevity in Abkhazian language, that is why the "International Fund of Apsny" could not ignore such an event as the centenary of our compatriot Ilya Dochia, who lives in the village of Babushera of the Gulrysh district. Representatives of the "International Fund of Apsny" Nugzar Logua, Oktay Chkotua, Demyan Gogua and Medzhit Gogua came to him with gifts from the fund. The jubilant did not hide his confusion and joy.

"The Abkhaz, like any other people, always had their own national traditions that distinguished it from other peoples. Among them - longevity. Abkhazians have always been proud of their long-livers. Your wisdom, life experience, persistent spirit are an example for descendants. With all my heart I wish you good health, luck and prosperity! Live long for the joy of your loved ones! "- Soner Gogua noted in the congratulatory address to the jubilee.

According to the representatives of the Foundation, Ilya Dochia is cheerful, active. When asked by Nugzar Logua about the secrets of his longevity, he answers: "I'm a mountaineer, I lived in the mountains for more than 60 years. I have seen many good and bad things, but never lost strength of spirit and kindness. An Abkhazian wherever he lived, should behave in accordance with Apsuara. We must behave in accordance with our traditions, educate our youth in the spirit of Apsuara, then they will preserve our customs and traditions. What could be better. If we protect our code of conduct, our traditions of hospitality, then we will save ourselves, our people and the country. I want to wish my people unity, mutual understanding and prosperity" - said the venerable Ilya Dochia.

Blessed is the old age of Ilya Dochia, surrounded by his children and grandchildren who love him, who arranged a big holiday for him on his centenary birthday with the participation of numerous relatives, neighbors and just fellow citizens who shared their joy with them. And for each, the jubilee had a kind word and a wise parting word.

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