Governor of Sakarya received delegation from Abkhazia.

In frames of its visit to Turkey, the delegation from Abkhazia consisting of the Education Minister Mr. Adgur Kakoba and President of the International Fund Apsny Mr. Sener Gogua held a meeting with the Governor of the Sakarya province Mr. Hussein Avni Josh as well as with Abkhazian diaspora in Adapazar.

In Adapazar the delegation was received by the head of the Abkhazian cultural center Mr. Oral Bganba.

At the beginning of the meeting with the Governor of Sakarya Mr. Hussein Avni Josh, Abkhazian delegation expressed sincere condolences on civil and military losses caused by the latterly repeated terrorist acts across Turkey. Further, during the meeting Abkhazian side informed the governor about the situation in the country as well as in the socio-economic, touristic, cultural and education spheres.

Minister of Education of the Republic of Abkhazia Mr. Adgur Kakoba expressed gratitude to the Governor for attention and hospitality provided to the students from Abkhazia who are studying in schools of Sakarya.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Adgur Kakoba presented a golden medal to the Governor and extended invitation to visit Abkhazia. The Governor of Sakarya Mr. Hussein Avni Josh in his turn presented Adgur Kakoba with a valuable handmade vase and informed his guests about his intention to visit Abkhazia.   

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