Gostiev Lavan - the four thousandth child of the project "Ani Amaalyki"

The first project of the International Fund Apsny, "Ani Amalyki", celebrated its 5th anniversary in July. This project is aimed at supporting a young mother in caring for her baby, namely, each family in which such a happy event as the birth of a child has happened, receives a gift set from the foundation with special means for caring for the baby.

Gostiev Lavan became the four thousandth child of Ani Amaalyki's project. He and his mom visited our office. We wish them good health, happiness and prosperity.

In just 5 years, 4,000 “mother packages” have been distributed.

The birth of every child in Abkhazia inspires us, we want even more babies to be born in our country. Let all children grow up healthy, worthy people.

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