On the 78th year, the famous Abkhazian historian, Dean of the Faculty of History and Theory of the International Relations of the Abkhazian State U

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First of all, I support the idea of establishing of the foundation “The International Fund Apsny.” It has started working few months ago, and one o

The president of the “International Fund Apsny” Sener Gogua, and the head of international relations committee Maxim Gundjia visited Moscow from 26 to 29 of July.

The “International Fund Apsny” continues the work of the project “Ani amaalyki”, aimed at supporting Abkhazian families, which have kids aged under

The president of “International Fund Apsny” Soner Gogua, met with the founder of the cultural and charity foundation “Ashana” Mr.

The Director of the Center for Strategic Studies, at the time a deputy of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Abkhazia Oleg Damenia, shared his

Uraza Bairam – is one of the biggest Islamic holidays that comes after the holy month of Ramadan.

Deputies of the National Assembly – the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia: the Chairman of the Social policy and health and labor Committee, M

The project “Mother and Child” organized by the public organization “International Fund Apsny”, has started.

The “International Fund Apsny” launches a new permanent project "Ani Amaalyki"(Mother and Child) aimed at supporting young Abkhaz families, in part

09 Jul to 31 Jan
Embedded thumbnail for Interview with the President of the "International Fund Apsny" about its structure and future projects.

Not so long ago, you started the activity of the “International Fund Apsny”, could you tell us a little about the goals and objectives of t

Today a board meeting of the “International Fond Apsny” was held, during which the structure and the management of the fund was established.

The head of Turkish opposition cautioned the government against its intervention in Syria.

The “International Fund Apsny”, “The Institute of the CIS Countries” and “Ankara Policy Center” agreed on cooperation.

Educational centre "Academia" is one of the regular projects of the "Internatonal Fund Apsny".

02 Jan to 05 Jul

This year, on the 14th of May, a prominent statesman and politician, founder of the modern Abkhazian state, prominent scientist-orientalist, the fi

State Folk Dance Ensemble “Abaza” took part at the international festival "International Children's Day" in the Turkish city of Kojaeli with the su


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