Free Abkhazian language courses

Today, the Educational Center "Academy" summed up the results of the project on free education of the Abkhazian language for all comers. For the last 6 months more than 50 people participated this courses.

The president of the "International Fund of Apsny" Sener Gogua and the head of the Apsuara committee  Oktay Chkotua noted significant progress in the study of the Abkhazian language by the students. Many students who did not speak the language can now speak in Abkhazian.

"We are very pleased that the project launched 6 months ago became an impetus for other organizations, for example, the State Committee for State Language Policies opened free courses for the Abkhazian language for employees of state institutions and administrations the same courses began to work in district administrations," said Sener Gogua .

The "International Fund of Apsny" plans to develop this project and in the future we will be able to provide more advanced services for studying the Abkhazian language.

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