Created with the support of the "International Fund Apsny", the educational center "Academy" summarized the results of the academic year

In the educational center "Academy", created with the support of the "International Fund Apsny", 124 students were trained in this academic year. "Academy" provides an opportunity to study Abkhaz, English, Turkish and Spanish. But this is not the only direction of the center. Young students, aged from 4 to 14, have recently had the opportunity to learn mental arithmetic. What is it? Mental arithmetic is not just a technique of oral counting, but also a program of complex brain development. The key advantages of the lessons are the inclusion of video materials and intellectual games on attentiveness, creativity and creativity, which further contributes to the improved mastery of foreign languages.

For three years of work, "Academy" has established itself as one of the leading centers for language training in Abkhazia, where students not only learn to speak, but also are trained to take international language examinations in leading universities of different countries.

"The International Fund Apsny" supports projects on the development of education, in particular, the activities of the Center "Academy". As the president of the fund Mr. Soner Gogua said: "Seeing such results and the level of preparation of students, we intend to continue to support this educational center."

Director of the educational center Mrs. Irina Chkadua said: “I would like to express my gratitude to the whole staff of the "Academy" center for such a harmonious and efficient work, the assessment of which, first of all, is the received knowledge and positive feedback from students.”

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