Children from Sukhum visited the hockey match

 On Saturday, November 19th, children from Sukhum visited the hockey match:  HT Salavat Yulaev vs. HT Sochi. The trip was organized by the “International und Apsny” on the initiative of Enver Lisin, who covered all expenses. Enver Lisin – is the playmaker of Salavat Yulaev Hockey Club and a very good guy. During the match, children were rooting for Enver wholeheartedly.  Every time he appeared children were accompanying him by outcries:  "Lisin Lisin Lisin". The kids were exited with games and the atmosphere in the stadium. After the match, Enver came to children and talked to them. Most of them simply rushed to him and congratulated on goals scored. Others were asking him about sport and the athlete schedule. Enver’s mom, Iza Jugelia, also was at the game and happy to talk with children about the sport. On the way home children shared their experiences with each other. The smile never left their faces till they reached their houses.

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