Children feel better after the operations in the Yerevan clinic.

The "International Fund of Apsny" held a meeting with parents of children who were operated in Yerevan clinic in July 2016. The childrens' treatment  became possible thanks to the joint project of the "International Fund of Apsny" and the Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana".

Parents  thanked our fundation and confirmed that children  improved a lot after the operation. Chkotua Azamat, who was operated on and put the orthoses began to walk better.

 the treatment of children from Abkhazia in Armenia continues within the framework of this project.
On  February 27th , the second group of children together with their parents were sent  to the Yerevan clinic.  The operation for Pachulia Daniel, Benia Camille and Bigvava Amine have already been done. Theyfeel very well. Papazian Levon is being rehabilitated and special orthoses will be made for him. 

This assistance to children would be impossible if it were not for the Armenian doctors and numerous friends who met the children from Abkhazia and did their best to make those kids feel well.


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