Children with cerebral palsy were sent for treatment to Armenia

 On 27th of February, Public organization  "International Fund Apsny" and Cultural Charitable Foundation "Ashana" sent children with cerebral palsy to Armenia for surgery and further treatment. The trip was organized  in the framework of a joint program for Health. The following children went to Armenia: Daniel Pachulia, 12 years; Bigvava Amina, 13 years; Levan Papazian, 6 years; Camila Benia, 12 years. The operation was conducted in a well-known Armenian sergeant.

 The direction on surgery was  given by the Armenian doctors that came as to Abkhazia as a part of Health project of the "International Fund Apsny". 

For the second time the children from Abkhazia with cerebral palsy accompanied by their parents are able to obtain quality medical care at the Yerevan medical center. After the operation, the children will take a two-week rehabilitation in the same facility. All costs associated with the trip of children with parents and medical services are paid by  "International Fund Apsny" and Cultural Charitable Foundation "Ashana". 

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