Bagrat Shinkuba's novel "The Last of the Departed" was read in Turkey

On  the 100th anniversary of the Abkhazian writer Bagrat Shinkuba the Abkhazian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company together with the "International Fund Apsny" launched the project "The Last of the Departed".  According to the project the  filming of the reading of this novel took place in Abkhazia. Famous actors, writers, statesmen, people of different professions and ages from all regions of Abkhazia take part in the project. From 10th to 14th of May the project continued in the Republic of Turkey, where the joint creative group  of the Abkhazian State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company  and the "International Fund Apsny" went for the filming of the reading of the novel with the participation of representatives of the Abkhaz Diaspora. Our compatriots from Adapazar, Sakarya, Istanbul and Kefken read the novel.

" I read  the novel "The last of the departed" more than once and all the time was amazed at how deeply the author managed to convey the entire tragedy of the people. When reading the novel, I had the impression that Bagrat was a participant of all these events, was familiar with the heroes of the novel, talked to each character personally. How bitter was the destiny of the people who had to leave their native land? I'm constantly overwhelmed by these thoughts. Thank God that I can freely read in the Abkhazian language, moreover, I know some of the chapters of the novel by heart "- noted by our compatriot from Adapazar, Lutfi Gumba.

Probably, there is not one Abkhazian family in Turkey who does not have Bagrat Shinkub's book "The Last of the Departed" in theur house. This fact proves that everyone who came to the shooting kept this book in their hands.

"When I was offered to support this television project, I did not doubt a second. All of us, wherever we live, should not forget the history of our people. Bagrat Shinkub's novel is imbued with the drama of that era, and his word has a mighty power. "The last of the deceased" occupies a special place in the Abkhazian literature" said Sener Gogua.

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