"Ateatri akhuchkei"(Theatre and Children) project continues its work.

Within the framework of the permanent project of “International Fund Apsny”- "Ateatri akhuchkei”, the Fund invited high school students from Tkuarchal and Gudauta, as well as repatriates from Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Batum to the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre. More than hundred students, accompanied by teachers and employees of the Fund were able to see the repertoire performance of the theater "Muhajirs" on the play of Samson Chanba. Theatrical performance "Muhajirs" is devoted to the tragic pages in the history of our nation. The action of the one-act play happens in the 19th century, at the time when after the Russian-Caucasian war, Abkhaz families were forcefully exiled from their historical motherland to the Ottoman Empire.

It should be noted that the young audience received the show very well, watched it breathless. Talented play of actors and plot of the play, based on real historical events, could not leave anyone indifferent.

Following the presentation, a descendant of Abkhaz Muhajirs, the President of the “International Fund Apsny” Sener Gogua shared his impressions of the play with students in front of the majestic building of the Abkhaz State Drama Theatre.

"The topic raised by the author of the play "Muhajirs "Samson Chanba is very sensitive to our people. I think that when he wrote about the drama of people, who were separated from their land, it did not leave the idea that one day their offspring will come back to their historical homeland. And today, we have a great opportunity to come back, live and work in our motherland, "said Sener Gogua.

Then, fund employees treated young guests, according to the laws of the Abkhaz hospitality, in one of the attractions of the capital-restaurant of Abkhaz cuisine “Nartaa".

The project "Ateatri akhuchkuei" will continue its work next month for students from other towns and villages of the Republic. 

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