Assistance was rendered to the Republican Rehabilitation Center

Today, the Republican Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities was given an assistance. This action was carried out by the “International Fund Apsny” together with the partners of the fund from Rostov-on-Don, the Biopharma company.

In accordance with the application received by the foundation, the Rehab Center received: a massage couch, a multimedia projector with a mobile screen and speakers, gymnastics mats, a START wheelchair, an Angel Solo exercise bike, as well as a household cleaning kit. A wheelchair and an exercise bike were purchased specifically for two wards of the center with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, who were in dire need of them.

In the near future, the dehumidifier necessary for the proper functioning of the pool and laundry will be donated to the center.

This charity event was carried out as part of a permanent project of the International Fund Apsny - “Aguabziara”.

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