Armenian doctor examines children in Abkhazia

Within the framework of the “Aguabziara” (Health) project, the “International Foundation Apsny”, together with the Fund “Ashana”, arranged the visit of a leading children's orthopedist from Yerevan. The first examination of patients took place today in Gudauta, in the Center for Social Adaptation and Rehabilitation "Asarkial". By priority, the children with cerebral palsy were examined. Those patients who, with the support of the “International Fund Apsny” and the Fund “Ashana”, underwent operations in Armenia came to the reception, and doctor was pleased with the results.

In the coming days, a specialist from Armenia will conduct two complex operations in the Sukhum city children's hospital.

It is also planned to continue the examination of children with cerebral palsy in Sukhum afterwards.

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