The “Apeipsh” Project continues its work in Tkuarchal.

Within the framework of "Apeipsh" project the "International Fund Apsny" visited the family of Merab Arshba and Aida Yaqub oglu. Arshba family is raising five children: three boys and two girls. The eldest son is 17 years old, he is graduating from high school this year, two boys are studying in Gagra lyceum-boarding school and the youngest girl is 4 years old. Large Arshba family lives in Tkuarchal. The welfare of the family is pretty bad, the head of the family Merab is retires employee, a disabled veteran of Georgian-Abkhaz war in 1992-93, his wife Aida has no permanent job, and she is trying to earn money on a holiday time.

   Information about the family was passed to the Fund by its representatives in Tkvarchal Region Bigvava Violetta, who visited the family and found out their basic needs. Arshba family was presented refrigerator, gas stove with electric oven, water heater and souvenirs as a gift from the Fund .

         Merab Arshba thanked the Fund for their support: "Your gifts were a great surprise for us. I want to thank the organizers of the Fund, especially the President of the Fund Sener Gogua for supporting large families. "

         The Secretary-General of the Fund Asida Inapshba shared information about the fund activities, its projects and wished the members of a large family Arshba health, well-being and prosperity.

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