The “Apeipsh” project continues its work in Sukhum.

The large family of Revaz Sharambaya and Esiko Khashig, living in Sukhum, are bringing up 9 children, all of them are girls: Veronica, Christina, Milana, Lana, Ilona, ​​Gunda, Liliana, Evelina, Daniela. The youngest daughter is 4 years old, and the older one is-22. Six of them are studying in Sukhum secondary school №13, and two are going to enter the university.

The International Fund “Apsny" provides financial assistance to families with many children in the form of necessary household appliances, furniture, clothing, required to every particular family.

Today the Sharambaya family was rendered assistance as part of monthly charity Fund project "Apeipsh". The Fund staff visited the family in advance in order to determine their social problems, following which; they brought them the refrigerator, television, water heater and shoes for all the children.

The mother of many children Esiko Khashig noted that the family was repeatedly rendered assistance by the state and business owners. And the Fund as well couldn’t stay aside.

"When I heard about the Fund, I had a sudden irresistible impulse to visit the office and share the problems my family face with. It was on the eve of New Year holidays. I was well received at the office and provided financial assistance in order to give my kids an opportunity to celebrate the New Year holiday worthy. The Fund promised to include our family to “Apeipsh" program. They didn’t fail to keep their word. On behalf of my children and myself, I would like to thank the International Fund “Apsny” and, first of all, the President of the Fund Sener Gogua and his friendly staff for such love and attention to children. We were in short supply of all this technology, it will definitely ease my work "- said the mother of nine children Esiko Khashig.

Ramaz Sharambaya - the head of the family served in the war, and in spite of health problems, he is working at a construction site to support his large family. And he is not disheartened, because his children grow up in peace.

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