The "Apeipsh" project continues its work in Duripsh village.

"International Fund Apsny" continues the "Apeipsh" project in Duripsh village, Gudauta district. The Fund representatives Asida Inapshba, Said Kvaratskhelia and Medjit Gogua visited a large family of Gena Gunba and Amina Tsimtsba, which is bringing up seven children. There are five girls and two boys in this large and friendly family: Milana, Mariana, Miranda, Minadora, Kadir, Kamug and Madonna. The oldest one is 14 years old, the youngest is 4. The head of the family Gena Gunba doesn’t work officially, he is running his own economy, Amina is housewife, she is busy with household tasks and bringing up children.

The Secretary-General of the Fund Asida Inapshba and representative of the Fund in Gudauta district Said Kvaratskhelia wished the family health, happiness and well-being. On behalf of the Fund they presented the family: TV, gas-stove, water heater, electric heater, electric kettle, fan, blender, mixer, etc.

Mother of many children thanked the Fund for attention and support. She expressed hope that her children will be worth and useful to the country and people in the future.

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