The “Aguamch” project was implemented in Gal secondary school №1

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"International Fund Apsny" continues its project "Aguamch" in Gal secondary school №1. The school gym is in much need of repair, there is no inventory. Physical education teacher cannot fully conduct lessons. “International Fund Apsny” representatives Simon Agrba, Roman Kapba and Esma Tarba brought table tennis, balls, soccer goal, nets, basketball ring, punching bag, etc. for Gal school gym. School director Manana V. Abukhba thanked the Fund for its support, noting the relevance of the project for the region as a whole, where there is no possibility of youth to be engaged in sports.



1. "Aguamch" project continued its work in Gudauta district.
2. Representatives of the "International Fund PAI" visited Chlou village
3. The project "Aguamch" came to Gagra district school in Lidzava village

4. "International Fund Apsny" has launched a new project "Aguamch"

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