The Abkhaz delegation met with the rector of the University of Sakarya.

Within the framework of its visit to the Turkish Republic, the delegation of the Republic of Abkhazia consisting of the Minister of Education and Science Mr. Adgur Kakoba and The President of “the International Fund Apsny” met with the Rector of Sakarya University, Professor Muzaffer Elmas. Abkhaz delegation was accompanied by the head of the Abkhaz cultural center in Sakarya Mr. Oral Bganba.

There are 23 students from Abkhazia of which 14 were received this year that are currently studying at the University of Sakarya. The Abkhaz delegation expressed gratitude to the rector for the good conditions provided to our students in the learning process.

"I have been many times In Turkey and it is not new for me to see and feel the respect of Turkish people to our diaspora. I am particularly pleased to see attention given to our students in Turkish universities. I am convinced that they will become good specialists. I look forward to our further cooperation and would be happy to see you in Abkhazia "- said the Minister of Education and Science of Abkhazia Mr. Adgur Kakoba.

The meeting also discussed the exchange of teachers and specialists between our universities. In this regard, it is worth to mentioning the Cooperation Agreement signed by the rectors of both universities last year.

"I visited Abkhazia and I can tell that you really live in the holy land. I promise to visit Abkhazia as soon as I can. The doors of our University will be opened for your students every year, and in the future, we will increase the number of seats for Abkhazia "- said the rector of the University of Sakarya, Professor Muzaffer Elmas.

The head of the Abkhaz cultural center Mr. Oral Bganba plays important role in bringing our students with diaspora together.

"In the future we plan to organize the accommodation of our students in a dormitory. We would like to involve students in all activities organized by the Diaspora. Of course, we will create the conditions for this. We do not leave them unattended, "- said Oral Bganba.

There is Abkhazian Students' Union in Sakarya headed Dinar Abidzhba and Mramza Chkotua.

President of the “International Fund Apsny” Sener Gogua said that over the past years, many graduates of Turkish universities have returned to Abkhazia as good specialists to serve their homeland.

After the meeting, the sides exchanged gifts.

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